The San Francisco 49ers return to the radar with star matches

The NFL has released its regular season calendar of 2018. Here is a look at what awaits the San Francisco 49ers. Breakdown: Apparently, all the enthusiasm generated by the Niners with their 5-0 closure last season found its way to the venue where the calendar was defined. Despite a 6-10 record last season, the 49ers were given five primetime games in 2018. Beyond that, the Niners' calendar actually resembles last year's where they will be tested early and often (three of four as visitors including the first game in Minnesota) before having the opportunity to make up for it with a heavy close at home (three of four and all in California). In fact, apart from a long trip to Tampa, Florida, after Thanksgiving, the 49ers have two last months of the season especially favorable to the team, with five of their last eight at home and seven of those games at home. the west coast.

Back in the stellar big time: the Niners played a combined total of six primetime games over the past three seasons, most of which came on Thursday nights or in the second game of Week 1 of the schedule. Monday night. But this year's calendar looks more like what they faced in their three years of National Conference Championship Games appearances from 2012 to 2014. This year, they have their regular appearance on Thursday night (against Oakland's rival Area of the Bay) along with two Monday nights (in Green Bay and at home against the New York Giants) and two first-level games on Sunday night (against two rivals in the NFC West, at home against the Rams and the Seahawks). The 49ers have a lot to prove to claim the status of contender, but the league clearly has enough confidence in them to put them under the lights for almost a third of their 2018 calendar.Bet on your favourite matches with premium bet freak tips.

Returning from Sherman to Seattle: While quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo will steal many headlines with clashes against quarterbacks such as Kirk Cousins, Aaron Rodgers and more, the latest primetime Niners games will undoubtedly provide one of the most anticipated meetings in the world. the season. San Francisco is scheduled to visit the Seahawks on December 2 for Sunday Night Football. That will mark the return of cornerback Richard Sherman to the only NFL home he has met before being released in March. Seattle selected Sherman in 2011, and his 32 interceptions are the best record since entering the league. Sherman has not hesitated to make his enthusiasm to return to Seattle known, as he seeks to take a measure of revenge for his court. Add to this the fact that the Niners will seek their first win against Seattle in 10 attempts and that the Seahawks are in no hurry to give up their place near the top of the NFC West, and that they have the recipe for a good duel.

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